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Pediatric Residents Educational Lectures

Adolescent Medicine (Medicina del adolescente)

 Title: Eating Disorders (Trastornos alimenticios)
Presenter: Dr. Richard MacKenzie

Title: Bites and Stings (Mordeduras y picaduras)
Presenter: Dr. Cyrus Rangan

Allergy & Immunology (Alergia e inmunologia)

 Title: Adverse Reactions to Food and Drugs (Reacciones adversas a medicamentos y alimentos)
Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Tam

Developmental Pediatrics (Desarrollo pediatrico)

 Title: Neurodevelopmental Approach to Learning Problems (Enfoque nuerologico para problemas de aprendizaje)
Presenter: Dr. Douglas Vanderbilt

Emergency Medicine (Medicina de emergencia)

 Title: Fever (Fiebre)
Presenter: Dr. Janet Semple-Hess                                                                                           

Endocrinology (Endocrinologia)

 Title: Obesity (Obesidad)
Presenter: Dr. Steven Mittelman

Title: Precocious Puberty (Pubertad precoz)
Presenter: Dr. Mitchell Geffner

Gastroenterology (Gastroenterologia)

 Title: Short Gut Syndrome (Sindrome del intestino corto)
Presenter: Dr. Russell Merritt

Title: GI Bleeding (Sangrado gastrointestinal)
Presenter: Dr. Chuan-Hao Lin

General Pediatrics (Pediatria general)

 Title: Hearing Loss, Audiology, and Speech Therapy
         (Perdida auditiva , audiologia y terapia del habla)
Presenter: Dr. Parul Bhatia

Title: Hearing Loss (Perdida de la audicion)
Presenter: Dr. Parul Bhatia

Title: Throat and Gingival Disorders (Garganta y transtornos gingivales)
Presenter: Dr. Ankur Patel

Title: Red Lesions (Lesiones en la piel)
Presenter: Dr. Robert Adler

Hematology-Oncology (Hematologia-oncologia)

 Title: Evaluation and Management of Neutropenic Fever (Evaluacion y gestion de la fiebre neutropenica)
Presenter: Dr. Jack Quinn

Title: The Side Effects of Chemotherapy (Los efectos secundarios de la quimioterapia)
Presenter: Dr. Leo Mascarenhas

Title: Coagulation Disorders (Trastornos de Coagulacion)
Presenter: Dr. Thomas Hofstra

Infectious Diseases (Enfermedades infecciosas)

 Title: Infectious Diseases (Enfermedades infecciosas)
Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Bender

Title: Foodborne Infections (Infecciones de transmision alimentaria)
Presenter: Dr. Pia Pannaraj

Title: Zoonosis (Zoonosis)
Presenter: Dr. Pia Pannaraj

Title: Infectious Disease and the Fetus / Diabetes Gestacional
Presenter: Dr. Brendan H. Grubbs & Dr. Martin Montoro

Title: Fungal Infections (Infecciones fungicas)
Presenter: Dr. Lawrence Ross

Title: Meningitis and Encephalitis (Meningitis y encefalitis)
Presenter: Dr. Diana Nguyen

Neonatology (Neonatologia)

 Title: Assessment of a Newborn Patient (Evaluacion de un paciente recien nacido)
Presenter: Dr. Theodora Stavroudis

Title: Non-Physiologic Jaundice in Fetuses and Newborns (Ictericia no fisiologica en fetos ye recien nacidos)
Presenter: Dr. Paige Jackson and Dr. Theodora Stavroudis

Nephrology (Nefrologia)

 Title: Chronic Kidney Disease (Enfermedad renal cronica)
Presenter: Dr. Rachel Lestz

Title: Renal Failure (Falla Renal)
Presenter: Dr. Rachel Lestz

Title: Hematuria and Proteinuria (Hematuria y proteinuria)
Presenter: Dr. Rachel Lestz

Neurology (Neurologia)

 Title: Ataxia (Ataxia)
Presenter: Dr. Jay Desai

Title: Kawasaki Disease (Enfermedad de kawasaki)
Presenter: Dr. Wilbert Mason

Orthopedics (Ortopedia)

 Title: Head Trauma/Brain Injury (Trauma craneoencefalico/Dano cerebral)
Presenter: Dr. Tracy Zaslow

Title: Common Pediatric Orthopedic Problems (Problemas ortopedicos pediatricos comunes)
Presenter: Dr. Rachel Goldstein

Otolaryngology (Otorrinolaringologia)

 Title: Otolaryngology (Otorrinolaringologia)                                                             
Presenter: Dr. Debra Don

Pulmonology (Neumologia)

Title: Effects of Smoking (Efectos del consumo de tabaco)                                    
Presenter: Dr.
Arnold Platzker

Cystic Fibrosis (Fibrosis quistica)                                          
Presenter: Dr. Gulnur Com

Rheumatology (Reumatologia)

 Title: Arthritis and Arthralgia Syndromes (Sindromes de artritis y artralgia)
Presenter: Dr. Andreas Reiff

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